Current projects

A brief outline of my current ongoing projects (in random order of appearance):

GIS map of historical boundaries in the Low Countries (c. 1500)
With emphasis on the County of Holland. Map will be enriched with data and analysis from the Enqueste and Informacie of 1494 and 1514 and from the Kloosterlijst (List of monasteries) made by prof.dr. Koen Goudriaan (VU, Amsterdam).

GIS map with archaeological coin finds in the Low Countries, England and Wales (c. 1300-1650)
Used to determine geographical dissemination of coins and small denominations in particular. Will be looking into combining the data with tax records such as the 14th-century Poll Tax.

Database of historical travel accounts
Purpose is to provide interpretative layer to Global Labour History Programme at IISH and to study the circulation of goods, people and ideas. Part of the joint ‘Circulation Programme’ of the IISH, Meertens, and Huygens ING institutes of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Harmonising digitised census data with the labour relations taxonomy
Using the IPUMS census databases to determine the labour relations of people in countries across the globe and in the past and using this microlevel data to study shifts in labour relations at the level of the individual.

Late medieval and early modern religious transformations in socioeconomic perspective
Under development.

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