Power to the Educated? Priest-brethren and their Education, using Data of the Utrecht Bailiwick of the Teutonic Order (1350-1600)

in: Edbury, P. (Ed.), The Military Orders 5: Politics and Power (Farnham: Ashgate 2012) pp. 337-348.
The article focuses on the education, university and otherwise, of the members of the military orders, in particular the priest brethren of the Teutonic Order in the Utrecht bailiwick. A majority of the priest brethren were university educated, especially in the later fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. In part, these increasing numbers of academically trained brethren follow local patterns of university attendance in the Low Countries. But also external influences, such as the political situation in Prussia and Livonia seem to have spurred the need for educated brethren in the bailiwicks.